Remediation strategy and design

When it comes to contaminated land, RemedX knows what works best and where. We know that the days of "dig and dump" are numbered, so we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of introducing treatment-based approaches to the UK. To us, this is not innovation, it is routine. Our remediation schemes can be quicker, cheaper and more sustainable.

Remedial options appraisal

Before remediation takes place, we carry out a site-specific options appraisal to ensure that the most appropriate technique is applied to the problem. A requirement of planners and regulators, the appraisal, in our view, is essential to significantly reduce costs and clean up times. Whether it is as simple as a cost–benefit analysis of suitable option or a complex operation involving bench studies and/or field trials, we have the expertise to pinpoint the most cost-effective and efficient way forward.

Remediation strategy

Before the scheme is designed in detail or implemented, a consensus must be reached with the planners and regulators. RemedX does this by presenting a remediation strategy that describes the selected method(s), how they can be implemented, what the impacts will be, all relevant mitigation measures and how the site will be validated. Our experts are highly experienced in preparing these documents and know how to pre-empt issues of concern and avoid potential "show-stoppers".

Remediation design

RemedX has considerable experience of designing innovative, robust and cost-effective remedial systems. All of our designs incorporate safety-critical devices and stringent environmental impact mitigation measures. The systems are low maintenance, reliable, subject to peer review and adaptable to individual site conditions.

Remediation implementation

All of our engineers are trained and experienced in installing, operating, optimising and maintaining a wide range of remedial systems.  Frequent site visits ensure considerable scope for optimisation throughout the remedial programme. The system data we collect and the progress of the project is peer reviewed on a regular basis. 


Close regulatory liaison throughout the project life cycle ensures remedial goals are met and prompt regulatory sign-off is achieved.

Health and safety

Details of our committment to health and safety can be found here.


RemedX is a design-led soil and groundwater remediation specialist. We can design, fabricate, install, operate and maintain in situ and ex situ remediation systems in-house using our own highly experienced personnel and much of our own equipment.

RemedX has been leading the field in remediation for over 15 years and has built up a large portfolio of diverse projects.



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