Consultancy Services

We use cutting edge-technology and the experience of pre-eminent contaminated land experts to develop the optimal solution to your problem.

Remediation strategy and design

When it comes to contaminated land, RemedX knows what works best and where. We know that the days of "dig and dump" are numbered, so we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of introducing treatment-based approaches to the UK. To us, this is not innovation, it is routine. Our remediation schemes can be quicker, cheaper and more sustainable.


Site-scale remediation pilot testing

RemedX has its own custom-built pilot test trailer capable of testing soil vapour extraction, multiphase extraction, air/biosparging, dual-phase extraction, and non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) skimming. The trailer is fitted with safety-critical devices, including inline and ambient lower explosive limit (LEL) detectors. Pilot testing can be effective in significantly reducing the costs of full-scale remediation.

RemedX services

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